North Korea missile launch ‘fails’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watched the ground jet test of a Korean-style high-thrust engine newly developed by the Academy of the National Defence ScienceImage copyright

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At the weekend, the North claimed a major breakthrough in its rocket development programme

A North Korean missile launch has failed, South Korean defence officials said.

The launch came from the eastern coastal town of Wonsan, but it is not clear how many missiles were fired or what type was being tested.

North Korea is banned from any missile or nuclear tests by the United Nations.

However, it has conducted missile tests with increasing frequency and experts say this could lead to advances in its missile technology.

Earlier this month, the North fired four missiles that flew about 1,000km (620 miles) landing in Japanese waters.

The latest tests are seen as a response to the ongoing annual US-South Korea military drills that the North sees as preparation for an attack on it.

The US military also confirmed it detected a failed North Korean missile launch which exploded within seconds.

North Korea missile launch ‘fails’}

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