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Other Europeans Balk at Bid by Britain and France to Arm Syria’s Rebels – New York Times

Germany, Austria and other countries pushed back hard against a French-British effort to lift a weapons embargo on Syria to allow the arming of the rebels — who say they desperately need antiaircraft and other sophisticated weapons to turn the tide of a war that has killed more than 70,000 people. After a two-day European […]

No Decision on Bee-Harming Pesticides in Europe – New York Times

The proposal was based on a recent report from the European Food Safety Authority recommending that no pesticide containing chemicals known as neonicotinoids be used on crops that are attractive to honeybees, because of the risk that the insects would be poisoned. Frédéric Vincent, a spokesman for the European Commission, said that for the moment […]

From Athens to London: Europe Under Austerity – Huffington Post UK (blog)

On Saturday morning, I’m meeting Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the Greek Opposition and head of the left-wing Syriza coalition. We will be talking about the spectre that’s haunting Europe: austerity. On Wednesday, the TUC held a rally in Westminster calling on George Osborne to use his Budget next week to change course and provide […]

Europe Conflicted on Whether to Arm Syrian Insurgents – New York Times

At a European Union summit meeting here in Brussels, a number of European leaders, including Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, and the bloc’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, expressed doubt about the wisdom of lifting the arms embargo. The division highlighted the difficulties Europe has in speaking with a single voice on international issues, particularly […]

Europe financial sector is fragile, says IMF – CNNMoney

Europe financial sector is fragile, says IMF – CNNMoney

Frankfurt, Germany’s financial capital, needs its banks — and those in the rest of the EU — to take further steps to repair balance sheets. Europe must do more to shore up its banks and take steps […]

Europe Vote on Bee-Harming Pesticides Is Inconclusive – New York Times

PARIS — When it comes to bees, Brussels wants to think things over a bit longer. A proposed measure to restrict the use of pesticides that have been implicated in bee die-offs around the world was left in limbo on Friday, after representatives from Britain and Germany, two of the largest E.U. members, abstained from […]

EUROPE MARKETS: Europe Shares Slip As US Confidence Weakens – Fox Business

FRANKFURT –  European shares traded lower Friday as U.S. consumer confidence dipped and euro-zone finance ministers prepared to discuss a bailout for Cyprus, but remained on track for a weekly gain a day after pressing to their highest level in more than 41/2 years. The Stoxx 600 Europe index fell 0.4% to close at 297.44. […]

Winter storm strands thousands of motorists overnight in eastern Europe – NBCNews.com (blog)

Winter storm strands thousands of motorists overnight in eastern Europe – NBCNews.com (blog)

Szilard Gergely / AFP – Getty Images A man walks past a damaged truck at the site of an accident on the E71 motorway, near the Croatian, Slovenian and Hungarian borders on Friday, a day after a heavy snow storm hit the area. BUDAPEST – Hungary deployed tanks to reach thousands of motorists trapped in […]

Europe eases the austerity whip _ a little – The Associated Press

By By DAVID McHUGH – 3 hours ago  FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Three and a half years into its government-debt crisis, there are signs that Europe is adopting a gentler approach toward austerity. Political leaders aren’t backing away aggressively from budget cuts and higher taxes, but they are increasingly trying to temper these policies, which […]

Hoping to Save Bees, Europe to Vote on Pesticide Ban – New York Times

In a case closely watched on both sides of the Atlantic, European officials plan to vote Friday on a proposal to sharply restrict the use of pesticides that had been implicated in the decline of global bee populations. The vote in Brussels, by officials from all 27 European Union member states, follows a January report […]